Friday, April 19, 2013

House Update: Preliminary Plumbing, Electrical, and Security

We had our Electrical/Security appointment today and it got me so excited, I drove the half hour to see our house for no reason at all. I was planning on taking Boone and walking around the neighborhood and getting some (good) pictures.

But of course, halfway there it started to rain. Not just like "grab your umbrella" rain, but "makes your umbrella look like a joke" rain. Luckily, downtown Charlotte is beautiful in the rain.

Not so luckily, all that rain made our newly graded lot much too soft to walk on.

I was mistaken before, our foundation isn't in yet. It has been boxed off for now, and they are working on plumbing before the foundation is poured (should be any day now). It's still very exciting. That tall pipe you see carries gross things down from the second floor.

And for those of you wondering, our house will be fully wired for a security system. Anyone larger than Boone will set off a motion detector, so you gotta be a very small idiot to try and steal anything from us.

And to my brother, the firefighter: we got a smoke detector that automatically notifies the Fire Department if anything goes up in flames.

A different view of the plumbing:


  1. I love the pics, Katie. Keep them coming!

  2. That's awesome. FYI if you set it off cooking make sure you have enough to feed a hungry group of guys.

  3. Katie, I think i'm going to love this blog...You crack me up with your side comments!

  4. I'm so proud of you and your landmark pipe.

  5. I'm so proud of you and your landmark pipe.