Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Living Room Furniture Reveal

Something big happened. Like huge. Like approximately 84"x36"x29". And it's from a little mom and pop place I discovered called Crate and Barrel. I think this place is gonna be big.

Our couches are here!

Or, more accurately, our couch and chair and a half. I hesitate to call this a living room reveal, because we are still very far away (like, it's laughable) from sticking a fork in this room and calling it done. Why you'd want to stick a fork in a room, I don't know. Anyway, it is safe to say the furniture will stay relatively consistent.

We chose the Willow sofa and chair and half from Crate and Barrel. If couches could be a favorite comfy pair of jeans, this would be it.

And like a true crazy person/golden retriever mom, we chose the stock color "Snow." I've seen a lot of snow in my day, and this ain't quite it. It's not a true snowy white, more of a paper white, but it's still super pretty. The only thing that makes me comfortable with the color is the fact that it's slipcovered and machine washable.

Still, Boone is only allowed on his blanket, as provided in the Rached Humans and Animals Treaty of 2013 (Boone's own words). It's very close in color to the couch, but it has little bones on it. The pretty grey and brown blanket is for his parents.

The very same day our couches arrived, we received a long awaited call: our barstools had finally arrived.

Here we chose the French Bistro Counter Stool from World Market, but it's a rip-off of this one from Ballard. Yes, I love the new barstools, but good luck laying your hands on a set; the bar height is readily available, but getting the counter height is a bit of an adventure.

When we originally joined the waitlist for our barstools, we were told to expect mid-November. But during a late October shopping trip, someone casually mentioned the expected date was now in January. Despondent, I looked at new stools and came this close to buying these from West Elm. Luckily, before I could buy (aka get a good coupon) I was quite surprised to hear the original stool of my dreams was being held for me, as promised, in mid-November. Of course I made haste picking them up.

Those with a keen eye will recognize we also hung the blinds and ceiling fan in the living room. (by "we" I mean my brother. Thanks, Hall!)

All in one day, we gained two rooms of furniture. It's still quite sterile, but I'm actively working on adding some texture and color. And a lot more pillows.


  1. I love it all. I think you're a little crazy w/ "snow", but everything looks fantastic. The rug in the LR goes great.

    1. Oh, I know I'm crazy. I looked especially crazy when I bought out one Target's entire supply of Scotch Guard.

  2. Good read. Though the room is still far from completion, it looks like things will turn out great. Thanks for posting.