Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm Dreaming of...

It's not quite time to think about a white Christmas, so for now I'm going to dream about ways to make my kitchen slightly less white. And I want some copper kitchen utensils.

Let me give credit where credit is due: this image is property of West Elm. The utensils pictures were sold by West Elm a couple months ago. I pinned it, they sold out, and now they've disappeared from the website.

But I want them so bad!

I can't find anything like them anywhere. I even bought a beautiful wood jar for them to go near my stove.

See it right there, all sad and empty? (Also, did you spot me in my white PJs?)

They would be the perfect compliment to my simple style that needs a little coppery zest. Enough gushing, now that I've found perfection, nothing else will do. Has anyone seen anything similar anywhere (at any price)? Or have any suggestions on the perfect replacement?

I only ask because I seriously need help!


  1. Oh but they are there!

    1. I know! They're already ordered and on there way. I was so bummed that I was trying to find something else this morning and they were there. *Giddy*