Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Foyer Reveal

Well, there have been quite a few exciting developments around the old house, but today I just want to share the foyer.

We finally got around to painting the rest of the first floor and are starting to clean up our moving mess throughout. As if that didn't take long enough. I've accomplished a wee bit of decorating, but it is definitely still evolving.

The six mirrors (LOVE! just maybe not there...) will be repurposed as soon as I find the right foyer mirror which is turning into quite the debacle.

Even though we moved in October 2nd, I feel like we kind of missed the boat on fall decorating. Fall is by far my favorite season and second favorite time of year to decorate for (nothing will ever top Christmas!), but I was too preoccupied with moving-related projects to be bothered with knick knacks and the like. By the time I was ready to decorate, it was almost Halloween and everyone else had been there, done that...

I keep telling myself I'll whip up something for Thanksgiving, but I'm always disappointed by Thanksgiving decorations that aren't table settings. So it's looking more and more likely that Christmas will be the first big decorating extravaganza! Long story short, our foyer is the only bit of the house to show any fall spirit currently -- other than my dying mums on the front porch.

One thing I am really proud of is our wreath. It's not technically in the foyer, but this is as close as we'll get for quite a while. 

The R wreath is from Ballard, with a bit of wire burlap ribbon. The copper wreath hanger is Smith & Hawken from Target. I planned on Fall-ing it up a bit more (pinecones, leaves, what have you) but like the rest of the house, I ran out of time for autumnal decor. Here's looking at you, Christmas.

What a great blank slate. It will look even better once that door is a deep, brick red.

We also installed the blinds in the living room/kitchen sitting area, but I will wait to reveal that until after a very exciting delivery from Crate and Barrel next week!

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