Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Lot and Nothing, All at the Same Time

Well, well, well. Long time no see.

I knew it had been too long since I'd written a post when even the hubs noticed me slacking. "You read my blog?" "No."


It's been a busy couple of weeks, and while we've accomplished a lot, we've gotten nothing done. You know the feeling: you are constantly doing things, can't count projects without using your toes, but still can't pinpoint where the change is. It's like that, yo.

It's been a long time since I've shared a moment of blognesty, so in that spirit (or pure desperation for material that's ready and realizing there's nothing close), I've decided to share with you how the house looks now: one month after closing and more projects still to tackle than the number of touch-ups our paint needs. And that's saying something.

Even more proof that I've been neglecting you: I decided to do this post around 11:30pm without a bit of cleaning. Not that we're messy people, but living in a construction zone doesn't exactly bring out my inner Monica Gellar.

I've gotten at least a first coat on all of the first floor. Except any edging that requires a ladder. Sad thing is, it's "done" enough for me not to feel an urgent need to finish it...

For any item we intend to go in the foyer eventually, it's currently laying on the foyer table.

The dining room picked up some new, cute table accessories. 


It also picked up a bunch of unwanted mess. This just in, the ceiling fan for our living room arrived yesterday. As neither of us knows anything about electrical work (other than how to shock ourselves and cause mass power outages), it will stay in it's box until I can bribe my dad or brother to put it up for us.  

Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top...

Here I'm not sure whether I'm trying to show off the cool housewarming gift our friends brought or how many Boonebleweeds one round of Swiffering can pick up. And since I must Swiffer so often, I only put it away when we have company.

 Like most of our rooms, the half bath has a couple cans of paint waiting for their time to come.

One thing that really surprised me is how much painting the walls grey made the house immediately feel like home. Even though I've never lived with grey walls, they instantly felt inviting and relaxed. I especially love that we picked a warm greigey grey, so our walls can have that popular grey moment with feeling cold.

Boo has taken over the breakfast nook with all his supplies.

The living room rug came in last week and we love it so far. Yes, I know my couch clashes with it; just remember, we'll have a white slipcovered couch before long.

Since the paint needs a second coat still, I haven't unpacked anything that is supposed to go on that bookcase or even pushed it against the wall.

One thing we have accomplished is teaching Boone that, while he's still allowed on the couch, he can only sit where his blanket is. We even use the word "blanket" as a command to invite him to cuddle in his spot. We got this great idea from our friends with a lab and a border collie and no pet hair problems. Fingers crossed.

Our loft is one of the few clean rooms, but it's also home to tool central. If you need anything home improvement related, it's "organized" by the wall in the loft. Ironically, there's a completely empty set of shelves.

Our laundry room looks like a laundry room. Functional with no personality (yet). One thing worth noting is that cats' food has moved in here. It may not be pinworthy, but I'm thrilled that my future guest room is no longer called the Cat Room.

Bathroom: could be wrapped up with 15 minutes of attention. Not important enough.

One very exciting change is we now have ceiling fans in all three bedrooms, thanks to my bro-bro. Sorry there's no pic of the master, my hubby was sleepy. I assure you it's just as boring as last time you saw it, but with a ceiling fan and furniture.

It's pretty sad how exhilarating I find it to walk into a room, flip a switch, and have a light turned on as if sanctioned by a higher power. At least that's how it feels to a long time apartment dweller.

Oh that office is crying out to me.

Shelves are in over the toilet and the master bath is painted although I'm already rethinking the wall color...

And Pat loves arranging the extra TP.

I took down the towel bar in favor of hooks and a shelf. I patched the walls, but I am yet to sand, repaint, or hang the hooks. And for someone who literally folds clothes for a living, my towels are in pretty shabby shape.

There's the candid, uncleaned, unedited, late-night look into our home. Hopefully having these pictures on the interweb for my three loyal readers to see will shame me into getting something done. But I guarantee it won't happen until Friday. Oh well.


  1. One-third of your audience approves heartily.

  2. Looks like you're making good progress! Still having issues with roller marks on the walls? Also, i like the rug in the foyer :)

    1. Yes, still having issues with roller marks, but (like I said) I still haven't done any second coats. If that doesn't fix it, I'll probably just learn to live with it and call it "character"...I don't need to paint again anytime soon.