Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is it Easter yet?

Hey Katie!

Who me?

Yes you! I am calling you out.

That's right guys, I'm yelling at myself about this one. I didn't even notice how badly I screwed this up... When was Easter again? Two months ago? Okay, I guess I should take this down.

Not sure how I missed this or what will replace it on our pantry door. I could do something generic to hold me over between holidays or go ahead into some Fourth of July decoration, which is sneaking up on us rather quickly. No matter what I choose, the egg wreath has g2g. Otherwise, I run the risk of it staying up until Halloween.

I just found my Wednesday project.


  1. I still have a few Eastery things peeking out around my house, too. Thanks for the little kick in the caboose :)

    1. It's gone now, I just haven't had a moment to tell y'all about it's replacement. I'm just trying to keep up with holidays at this point.