Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Closet, Closet, Closet!!!

Our closet is finally in and installed. I guess technically it's been installed for a few months now, but I took too much time to organize it and then even more time to photograph it and then I needed to relax a bit. But she's here and she's beautiful!

This has quickly become one of my favorite spaces in our house and easily ranks near the top of Best Things We Spent Lots of Money On, right there with the window trim and the fenced backyard.

I love how functional everything is. I have labeled drawers for all my delicates and jeans, pull out shoe storage, boot storage, space for care items, like my steamer and Febreze, and too much overhead storage space. We even added a valet hook so there's a convenient place to steam or lay out tomorrow's outfit.

I also finally got around to boxing up the less used items into bins on that top shelf. They are still accessible but out of the way. I sorted into "Out of Season" (right now it's summer items), "Swim", and "Bags." I'm sure some women couldn't live with all their bags out of sight, out of mind, but since I seldom carry a bag other than my everyday purse, having the extras in a bin works perfectly. I hope to add another out of season bin, one for items that I want to keep but currently don't fit (think fat jeans and too tight sweaters, which would clear out half of the clothes you see).

Of course, I've already shared my accessories storage which I'm head over heels for:

Pat's side is also pretty neat. In addition to the same pull-out shelves and glass front drawers, he got a pull-out pants rack, which I love and he hates. Go figure.

Plus, there's one happy coincidence that worked out more perfect than I could have planned: the end of Pat's side backs up right to the closet entrance, which I worried make the whole closet feel cramped and blocked off. In the end, it provides the perfect spot for an unobstructed full length mirror, something we previously had to walk to the guest bath for. It might be a solution to a first world problem, but it's a solution, no less.

And with all this amazing awesomeness, something had to give. As always, Leo spends a lot of his time hiding in our closet and this set up has a perch for him to chill that allows him to rub up against all the clothes.

Everything has little ginger hairs all over. #FML

Uh. So worth it.

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