Thursday, January 22, 2015

Accessories Storage and Laundry in the New Closet!

If you follow me on Instagram, this isn't even close to a surprise, but I'm so head over heels I gotta mention it: I lurrrve my new jewelry storage. It's all gold and sparkly and looks more beautiful on the wall then any of my pieces do on me.

Previously, my necklaces just hung on 3M hooks and all my earrings were stored in a jewelry box on our dresser that also houses our wedding rings...and my Princess Kate knock-off from back in 2011 when I was "Katie Middleton" for Halloween. #TBT

hahaha, never gets old.

Back to the issue at hand, both the earring holder and the necklace corkboard were really easy semi-DIY pieces. One afternoon, some craft paint, and a little bit of fabric gave me both of them.

The earring holder was actually a boring ring holder I picked up from The Container Store. I kept trying to come up with a better way to store earrings than the little foam semi-circles, but since I wear studs almost exclusively, I couldn't think of any better way to securely hold them on a wall.

Since this piece and everything similar are just solid colors that are too neutral, even for me, I decided to take a little bit of fabric and just tuck it in. It only took about one quarter of a fat quarter, so roughly 1/16 of a yard. Once everything was tucked nice and tight, I spritzed some spray adhesive heavily enough that it soaked through the fabric and made my tuck-job extra secure. Done!

The necklace organizer is just an old corkboard that I stenciled with gold paint and then some hook tacks (also from The Container Store). To take it up a notch, I modge-podged/stapled some black ribbon around the perimeter. Gives it a little extra texture I wouldn't have gotten from painting it.

To finish it off, I hung a belt rack diagonally and spray painted a basic wire hamper gold.

Considering this was the corner of the closet I previously used to hang seldomly worn coats and dresses (including the rest of Katie Middleton's get-up), this is a HUUUUGE upgrade in terms of both style and functionality.

We should be getting the last piece of the closet next week so there will be a lot to share in the very near future! Tootaloo for now.

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