Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring is Upon Us

Well, it didn't look like it was coming for a while, and it might not stick around for long, but for today Spring has sprung in the Carolinas. Obviously that has me dreaming of working on some outdoor spaces.

Something other than weeding for once.

Yes, I'm starting to dream of patio furniture, container plants, and grilling out. It really struck home when Pat and Boone were Chuck-ing-It and I was sitting inside, on a barstool, watching through a window.

 Here's some thoughts:

1     2     3     4     5     6
So far, we're leaning towards four modular chairs with deep cushions for maximum comfort and multiple arrangement options. We definitely want to be able to accommodate at least four people in this earliest iteration so we have space for friends to enjoy our yard, too.

It's long been the plan to fence in our backyard this spring, leading to potential addition of (adorable) #5. Until that happens, the fence will allow Boone's BFFs Layla and Boomer to come over for playdates. Honestly, the fence has been on the books for months, first being postponed while we awaited HOA approval and now it's tabled while we wait for our developers to fix a sinkhole situation.

Future backyard improvements will include a patio with a dining area (and at least four more seats). The patio will likely be a professional job because it requires a retaining wall and some drainage issues being resolved. And another HOA approval. Once we get to that point, I want to string lights over the future patio area to add a little ambiance. Eventually, the grill will go on the patio, but we're not waiting on a patio to get a grill, so we need to come up with a makeshift space.

It's a long expensive list, but I'm so excited about adding a comfortable outdoor space to relax and entertain in.

I'm officially motivated.

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