Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Not-So-Muddy Mudroom

Maybe "landing zone" is a better name for this area, since it's right in the middle of our house. If we come in muddy, we'll definitely be tracking a lot of dirt in before we make it to this area.

Originally, I wanted to get a hall tree, like this one:

While that may happen eventually, it's way more of a financial commitment that we can handle after TV-gate 2014. Now we're going for something a little closer to this:

Between that picture and finding a helluva deal on the bench -- (70% off!!!) plus it had a bum leg (another 25% discount) so we ended up snagging it for $26-- I decided to reconsider my inspiration for the foreseeable future. As far as the bench's bum leg goes, all we had to do was tighten a few screws and it was back in working order. I would love to add a faux wood wall like that or maybe some board and batten.

Like most parts of our house, this area still has a long journey ahead of it to make it functional for the long-term. However, the addition of something is doing a great deal to make the middle of the house feel a little less empty. Eventually, we'll add a basket for shoes and hooks for Boone-supplies and coats.

You may remember, getting this "room" established was one of the steps needed before Boone gets a new room, so we're getting closer...

Now, can you all help me and Pato settle a debate? I think the mail holder should be hung lower, but Pat loves that the top of it is even with the clock. I think that leaves to much negative space below. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Can't wait to see the board and batten or the wood panels! And i agree with you about the mail thing, but you might be better able to convince Pat once there are more than two things hanging so you don't notice that they aren't even!