Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Peyton Bought Us a New TV

How do I put this nicely...Pat loves Peyton Manning as much as I love Boone [read: more than we love each other during football season]. So with the Colts Broncos going to the Super Bowl, Pat has decided we're going to have a Super Bowl Party. And 46" just wasn't enough.

I just now noticed how off-center the rug is. Ugh.

Enter Best Buy and a sale that was too good to pass up.

That's a big TV.

And of course, we made a mess between Point A and Point B. Note: as much as I love our jute rug, it still leaves a think layer or dirt/dust on the floor underneath.

As soon as we get some new furniture, this configuration will move to the man loft to hold our old the TV that was on here until yesterday. The challenge is going to be finding something that can hold a 60 inches of football fun.

Thanks for the TV, Peyton!

Also, sorry for the poor quality pictures for the next couple weeks/months. My not-so-great camera just bit the dust, and my iPhone is even less-great. But we work with what we have.

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