Sunday, January 26, 2014

So this happened...

Yep, we pulled the trigger on a new entertainment center (we have the towers and bridge, too). Seems like as soon as we get comfortable enough to live with something for a while, we decide it's about time to reinvent. So, less than a month after we settled into an imperfectly perfect entertainment center, we ventured into the scary world of Ikea to find a new home for our new TV.

And here she is...the same color as our walls. It's all very beige.

As soon as I saw how close the colors were, I resigned myself to repainting the living room. Even so, it's been painful to wait until I can buy a couple gallons of paint. I even tried to make it to Lowe's tonight, but they closed early since it's a Sunday, so I'm writing a blog post instead.

One more day, friends. One more day.


  1. Nice TV! That looks like the case from IKEA. I think the picture is going to be more clear if you remove the plastic cover from the screen. We had ours on for a year to protect it,but my grandson took it off by mistake and the picture is so much more clearer.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, that is the Hemnes TV stand from Ikea and it's actually our second (we have the espresso color from a few years ago upstairs; Ikea has made some nice improvements to the unit since we bought our last one). The screen's picture is beautiful in person, I'm just dealing with the combination of a matte screen (an asset in a bright room like ours) and an iPhone camera (my real camera *just* died). The plastic you see is around the frame, which we're leaving on until we finish painting, no longer.