Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hooks to Hang Blankets

Seems like everyone has been talking about how chilly they are, instagramming pics of a thermometer, and complaining about the polar vortex. This isn't a new topic around our house, because I get cold really easily. The hubs is comfortable with the thermostat about 4 degrees cooler than me, so rather than constantly fighting over the temperature, we just have lots of blankets scattered around our living room.

That's a fair solution, except that I'm kinda lazy when it comes to folding said blankets, so most of the time our living room looked like this:

I think the bag of cough drops and box of tissues really add to the mood.

In thinking about ways to tidy up the everyday state of our living room without being guilt-tripped when I unfold a blanket my husband just folded, I thought, what about hooks? I do have several empty corners that could be the perfect alcove for blanket storage.

I know, I know, hooks are usually relagated to bathrooms, mudrooms, and other utilitarian spaces.

But why not a living room? After all, hanging and unhanging blankets for frequent use is, in essence, no different than having a coat rack by your front door for quick trips outside.

Eventually, I would love to have a big, beautiful hook like in the drop station above, but I also didn't want to break the bank. The interim solution is this small but solid hook from Target, $10 for 2.

All it took was three hooks, a level, and a drill and I've transformed the dead corner into blanket central! Plus, since they're in sets of two, I have one hook leftover to use somewhere else (maybe Boone's new room to hang his leash).


Finally, a organization program I can stick to! Plus, it looks so cozy and says to guests, "help yourself."

And I know y'all are dying to see how this looks with our "new" "entertainment center" (yes they're both questionable labels), so here you go:

Is anyone else using hooks in uncommon places? I'm 100% onboard with the hook trend and would love to incorporated more in unexpected ways.


  1. Love this idea! They really do look so cozy and inviting. What a unique and smart use for hooks! I found you through a Pinterest pin of your mug..not really sure how but I am sure glad I did :)

    1. Thank you! I love the way this one turned out, my ideas aren't always so successful. It's really rewarding to reinterpret old ideas in new ways, like hooks for blankets, but it's even better when I can hear about others enjoying those ideas. Keep reading :)