Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's an Entertaining Entertainment Center!

As I mentioned in the last post, we rearranged (just a little) after throwing out our Christmas tree. As it was, we just had the TV stand and one bookcase, leaving the wall feeling very empty.  I had also failed to commit to any wall decor, trying to figure out how to accent - but not compete with - our TV.

See that blank wall, behind the barstools?

That's really the best pic I have of that wall. Of well, wasn't worth photographing anyway.

I kept putting it off because I had visions of the Pottery Barn Fairy coming and sprinkling some magic entertainment-center-dust. After about 3 months of plenty of non-magical dust but none of the good stuff, I realized we might be a ways away from buying a new piece of large wood furniture.

On the to-buy list, it falls just behind: fence, master bedroom furniture, office furniture, sitting area, laundry room overhaul, pantry redo, and maybe the master closet.

 And here it is now:

Yes, that's a Property Brother. In my house :)

I re-imagined the furniture layout to give us an focal wall featuring two bookcases, a TV stand, and a floating shelf. I was very averse to combining these pieces because they are all slightly different tones of wood. So if you're picky, you're not invited bothers me too.

I have the most unscholarly, undecorated bookcases in all of Blogland. The one on the left is full of DVDs; very little room for knick-knacks and what-not. The right bookcase is for books, and it's nearly empty. The only shelf that's close to full is the Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Twilight shelf... I'm also storing our board games here for now. I have an adorable plan for those, but it does involve a minor furniture purchase. The kind you can sneak up the to-do list if there's a sale.

 I know there's a pretty way to house all these not-so-pretty items, I'm just not there yet. For now, I'm calling the prettier layout pretty enough.

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