Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RIP Alphabet Mug

It's a sad day around here.

My K mug has passed. She had a cracked handle when I received her last Christmas, but a replacement could not be found and I loved her none-the-less; her handle had disconnected twice previously, but she was able to recover following super-glue surgeries. This time, she was not so lucky as her handle cracked into multiple pieces and is irreparable.

She was one. K mug is survived by her soulmate, the P mug, who has long known her days were numbered.


Wow, weird day when I write an obit for a mug. I mainly don't want to throw away a beautiful once-mug, so I'm hoping one of your brilliant/crafty minds can help me give her a second life. Any ideas for ways to smooth out that broken handle or use the "K"?

Meanwhile on the Woodward Pup, Boone is quoting movies he can't legally watch for another 15 years.

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