Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Early Fall Decor

Well that didn't last too long.

Yes, yes, I only got my patriotic Fourth of July decorations up days before the holiday itself, but I'm ready to move on. Once the Fourth passes, I'm pretty much ready to call it Fall. In an effort not to repeat the Easter Fiasco, I just cut my losses and moved on to a late summer/early fall appropriate wreath.

It's not too yellow & orange, but does harken forward to fall's arrival. And it's barely there, because we're not really decorating for any event right now. Even though we don't have kids, I like to think of this as back-to-school decor. I may perceive seasons differently than normal people. My calendar looks like: Winter, Spring, back-to-school, Fall 1, Halloween, Fall 2, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

To make the inside feel transitional as well, I switched out our foyer's console table for a more fall-friendly display.

Look closely and you'll see my husband's idea of chalkboard art. He revamped my outdated "June so soon" design.

The sitting area didn't necessarily get falled-up, but it did get de-springed. Toned down flowers change the mood of the in-progress, not-for-real staging of this room-to-be. Hypenating-hypenated-hyphens.

I'm really looking forward to clipping some hydrangeas from our yard and bringing them in here.

On a slightly related note, I've decided a seasonal decor calendar may be in order. What, you may ask, is a seasonal decor calendar? It's a way of keeping myself on top of switching out all the odds and ends that reference a specific holiday or season. In other words, no more Easter wreaths in June. But that's a post for another day.

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