Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm Falling for this Fall Front Porch

Can you feel that chill in the air? Ahhh, that crisp, cool autumn air is here. Fall officially starts the countdown to my favorite seasons in ascending order: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. All my friends and family know how seriously I take holidays. Sweater weather and pumpkin-spice everything are only perks.

Another of my favorite perks is all the Fall home decor goodies. My collection is still growing, so our home interior needs some (pumpkin) spicing up.

Despite that, the outside of our home is officially all Falled up.

Right now, we're relying on hay bales and mums to carry our front porch, but as we get later in the season, we'll add a lot of pumpkins. And yes, I had just watered the mums when I snapped this pic.

I also added some acorns and pinecones to our topiaries and some faux mums to the R wreath.

This is our first go-round with big Fall decorating outside. When we moved in last October, we were too exhausted to decorate, so we added some mums and called it a day. Of course, never having cared for mums (or any non-succulent plants for that matter) I killed them really, really quickly. Like cats-running-for-the-kitchen-when-you-open-the-can-opener's-drawer quickly.

This year, I'm feeling more confident in keeping my little mums alive. It's been a week and they're still kicking.

It's crazy that our house is the most decorated for Fall in our neighborhood. It's like I'm winning a contest I didn't even know existed. Part of me says calm down, and reminds me that some people went all out for Christmas last year. Then again, I'm kinda crazy (definitely crazy when it comes to holidays) so it's only fitting that I raise the psycho-bar for us all.

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