Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PB&J 2.0 Revisited

You may have noticed I took a blog break. I spent August working a lot and chilling with friends. I managed to squeeze in a mini vacay and watched more Netflix than any human should be okay with. August was oodles of fun for me, but I missed my little blog. After a month and a half away, I felt like I needed to make a some grand re-entrance. Like, we tore down a wall or we've gutted a bathroom.

As it turns out, on my break I did absolutely zero home-related projects (does buying fake pumpkins at HomeGoods count?), so you won't get some surprise reveal.  But this is as good as it gets in Woodward news:

I'm in a magazine y'all!

I bet John and Sherry don't even notice little blurbs like this anymore, but this is huge stuff for me. I've been eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail to the point I had even convinced myself it was never coming. #musthavebeenadream #pinchme

The fine folks over at Taste of Home uncovered some value in my ramblings and decided to feature (take that with a grain of salt) my beautiful mug and some choice words in their August/September issue. That *might* even be a mention on the front page...errr, to the article, not me.

What fine bit of journalism did they choose to feature? Bits and bobs about terrariums or moving tips? Nope. The lucky winner is perhaps my most-ridiculed writing, PB&J 2.0. You thought I was crazy. You said the sugar had gone straight to my head. You secretly tried it and knew the genius.

Maybe the PB&J 2.0 isn't my most pinned post. But an awesome afternoon snack? Yes. In an article about moms sharing their favorite school-ready meals, I'm the childless adult naming a personal, first-grade-appropriate favorite. I don't even pack my own lunches yet.

Shot out to the hottie in No. 9. PS, I immediately regret the headshot I chose. Red lipstick is a stretch for me in person. Why did I think I could pull it off in a magazine. Next time, I'll use No. 2's approach.

This is such a fun, happy article and I'm giddy to be a part of it. It's the little things like this that makes blogging so rewarding and this really motivates me to tackle my next big project. If only I could decide what to do...

I'll be back soon. I promise!

If you like what you see and are interested in subscribing to Taste of Home, here's the link.

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