Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Swag

On Sunday, I shared our joy at spending the weekend with our friends, Whitney and Corey, as they GOT MARRIED!!!

How awesome is that blush dress?!

One of the most unexpected and most appreciated things we picked up from the wedding was the loads of flowers we brought home after the big day. It's not often I get to have several bouquets of professionally arranged flowers (let alone for free), so when the bride said "take whatever you want, because anything left will be thrown away," I took as many as I could carry.

Even though we didn't get home until 1am and I could barely walk after 10+ hours in 4 inch heels, I couldn't wait to arrange them.

The smaller arrangements are just in small drinking glasses.

The big one I scooped up is a lovely addition to my fall centerpiece in the dining room.

Also, I'm responsible for drying the bride's bouquet while they are on their honeymoon. Wish me luck!

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