Monday, March 17, 2014

A Master Bath fit for a (Future) King

 And by that I mean Prince George because it's baby boy blue. Wah, wah, wah.

Judging by the amount I mention it in Blogland, you would think we've done nothing to our master bathroom. The only time I've mentioned it at all was in a post about how nothing was getting done (there seems to be a lot of those...). I had even left pictures from before we moved in on our house tour page.

Look familiar?

So many of you will be surprised to see that our master bath is the closest room to "done" in our entire house. For the most part, the overall idea of this bathroom has been executed although not the way I envisioned.

Originally, I wanted a very light blue, so light it almost looked white. Think being in a fog.

Sooo relaxing. Exactly as a master bath should be.

That plan faltered when I brought paint samples in and everything that almost looked white on a swatch actually looked white on the walls. I convinced myself to go bluer than I planned in an effort to make it show up. I picked a color that looked great, albeit bluer than I hoped, as a sample. As I painted, I remember feeling refreshed to see that while bluer, it was also greyer so it accomplished the foggy effect perfectly. Then it dried. And it was baby blue.

This was actually one of the first rooms I painted when we moved in back in October. For the next five months I grappled with whether I could make it work or if I needed to paint it all over again. Part of me was saying, "it's done, and even though it's baby blue, at least it's not builder tan," while the other part (clearly the perfectionist part) was whining, "but it's not perfect! It's worth a few hours to be perfect..."

In the end, the lazy side won out and blue it stayed. I'm still not sure whether that's because I was afraid of more failed experiments or the fact that I still haven't widdled out the time to paint the guest room or office. Either way, I still think something greyer but still blue would be much nicer, it's just not worth the added effort... yet.

In an effort to make this baby blue look less nursery and more happy space, I decided to throw in just a tiny bit o' pink. Because what every non-nursery needs is baby blue and pink. The thing that makes this work for me is the pink is barely there and more coral than true pink.

They're not a perfect match and they're not meant to be. I love how it's all a little off together. The orange soap bottles are a little too off, so ignore them; I blame Bath & Body Works with their deliciously scented citrus flavors.

I'm not one of those bloggers who pretends we don't keep the toothbrushes on the counter. Let's be real.

I used glass apothecary jars (left over from the candy bar at our wedding, thanks Mom!) to house the every day basics: cotton balls, q-tips, and a detox bath mix. Maybe the bath mix isn't an "every day" item, but it smells delightful (like ginger), I always have a stash of it, and it looks pretty classy in a glass jar. That little metal box holds my gazillion hair ties and my 4 bobby pins. Anyone else have the same problem?

The room still needs a bit of finessing; for instance, our towels are a mish-mash of ones we inherited, ones we each purchased pre-marriage, ones we bought together but pre-house, and a few that were actually purchased with this bathroom's design in mind. I also want to add more accessories and at least one more piece of art.

The one big project that stands to be done is we want to take down the large builder grade mirror and install smaller ones over each sink. That also involves converting one light fixture into two, so if anyone knows anything about splicing wire, holler at me.

Other than that, I'm calling this turkey done.


  1. I like the blue, freshens up the space - but I can understand the panic when you paint something and it looks completely different than you think it should… I have had my fair share of paint mishaps, and usually my bank account is a little worse for wear because of it. ;)

    1. I'm learning to live with the blue; the coral was a big help. I actually really like it now (the room, not the color). A few weeks ago, I mentioned how my design tastes swing from Anthropologie to super rustic and I need to pick a style or risk a bipolar house. This space was what actually helped me pick the girlier, more colorful side. If I can do it in a bathroom, I can do it anywhere.