Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Surprises

You guys remember how I was saying I had too many different projects going on at once? Well let's add one more: our office. Ugh.

My hubba-hubba-husband just came back from a weekend in Atlanta and brought some surprises from the in-laws. Namely a hand-me-down desk and office chair (thanks!).

Neither of them are really my style, but they are free, so it's a huge step up from empty.

Whereas most areas of our house are nowhere near done but well on their way to being something, the office has absolutely no appeal. It's become the dumping grounds of the home, with files and office supplies taking over the floor. Now that I have a reason to be in here, I have a reason to clean up.  I hadn't really come up with a short term plan here (my short term solution was to close the door), but I had an extensive long term plan and it looked a little something like this:

1     2     3     4     5
I'm debating whether I should try to DIY something to make this office we do have resemble the office of my dreams. By "debating" I mean I know I should, but maybe this should be the area I knock-off the to-do list for lack of time, not completion. Regardless, I need to do some serious organizing in to make this room livable.

In Dreamofficeland, I would have a dainter desk, much like this rustic style from Target. I love the idea of keeping the desk and chair lighter visually and putting the bulk of the storage on the walls. This chest has the perfect size opening for our abnormally large printer, plus two drawers for files (all we need at this point). That collection also includes hutches that could be attached, including one sized especially for wrapping paper (yay!).

For the color scheme, this will be one of the few non-gray rooms in our house. I want to do a white-ish wall (I'm still debating doing a gingham design over it, and by "debating" I still mean the same as earlier) and keeping the accents in the golden-yellow family. That print is so cheeky for an office; I love the idea of a light bulb going off in a creative space. Tehehe.

And I want a few plants (actually alive in here) because this is one of the few rooms where the furniture catches enough sunlight. As a matter of fact, this is the room where my famous DIY Terrarium has been living. After we moved, I almost killed it by placing  it in what I believed to be a sunny-enough area; I rescued it from the brink and have been nursing it back to health in here. (If you're wondering, no, that's not my terrarium in the mood board. I've made plenty, but this one is way better than anything in my repertoire.)

So I guess the color scheme will officially be golds and greens.

For now, this is what my office looks like.

Yeah, I've got a long way to go.


  1. I can completely relate. There is so much going on over the next 4-5 months that it is so overwhelming. I have to say the idea of gingham on the wall is very intriguing. I'm excited to see where you take it!

    1. I found a really cool, bold gingham that's done with a glaze (not a paint) that I'm dying to try ( ). At this point I'm planning on trying it in a goldenrod color to tie in with my golds and greens theme. Fingers crossed.