Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet our New Neighbors!

Some new neighbors moved in and we're pretty excited about them. Sure, they're early risers and make noise before we even wake up, but they're too cool for me to complain. And the mom is making way more progress on their home than I am on ours. She should really be proud of herself.

It's a nest! On our front door's "R" wreath!

For those of you following me on Instagram, this is no surprise as I've been documenting the nest's progress for several days. For those of you not following me on Instagram, I ask, what are you doing with your life? Seriously?


There is a mommy bird and a daddy bird. Or two mommy birds. Or two daddy birds. Mommy likes to sit in the nest and Daddy perches on top. It's adorbs.

So far, I've spotted them a handful of times with the help of my trusty watch-cat, Leo. That guy is a veteran bird-watcher. If he's downstairs he's either hungry or staring at them; either way he's talking, so he's like a little alarm.

They are pretty camera shy, and the only pic I've taken that even comes close to catching them is:

Look very closely inside the "R". If you can't see her, you can just admire my new topiaries (still waiting on the planters).

I honestly spotted the bird like three times before Pat pointed out that they were making a nest. I did notice all the random grass on our doorstep, but I just attributed it to Boone-man. That debris/poop is the one thing I'm not loving about being a bird-neighbor.

That and fearing the whole nest will fall when I open/close the door. Future eggs included.

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