Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Gamely Curio

Our house has an interesting little nook by the half bath. And though it's little, it's a whole lotta nothing.

The last time we even looked at this corner was the move-in tour over six months ago. Pretty much it looks the exact same except the addition of a light gray paint color and a solitary picture of a much loved, but very dead dog.

It's been needing something, a purpose other than collecting Boonebleweeds. So last week, it got a little present.

This little gem is from Target. Not only is it a complete lie that it's "not sold in stores" but it's a color and it's in my home. I'm growing up so fast. The idea is to store all the board games that were displaced when traded bookcases for a respectable entertainment center. Around here, we love a good board game. We may even love a bad board game more than a good one (please, please, please try Cards Against Humanity, but don't blame me if you're offended).

The nothing-nook is the perfect location to store board games since it is equidistant to our two primary gaming locations, the dining room and the living room. And a dedicated gaming cabinet just feels like so much fun. So the games got a new home.

Yes, we have Friends Scene It. We're obsessive like that.

I think this cabinet is sooo happy! The cheery blue color say "game time!" and I know it's gonna get a lot of action this weekend as we have some Easter visitors.

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