Friday, April 25, 2014

the War of the Roses

Maybe that's a little melodramatic. It's more like the Neighborly Competition Associated with Backyard Landscaping. As in, my neighbor showed up the landscape party. Even if she had to pay a professional for the invite.

Enough analogies for one paragraph. Here's what "she" did:

We don't have big backyards in Brightwalk, but Spring brought a litany of new landscaping ideas as all the neighbors compete to make their yard "the best." While her yard is obviously still a work in progress, she's off to a great start. And she perfectly executed every idea I had for our backyard (but never shared with her), so when we finally make it happen I'll look like the copy-Kato.

I've been looking forward to installing a retaining wall in the slope below our detached garage and planting a bed from the retaining wall to the garage's wall. With the flat area created below we'll be installing a patio for grilling and summer dining. But that's phase two (or thirty-three...) after we install our fence and after we create an outdoor seating area on the covered-patio we already have.

So where do I stand now? How about a friendly comparison shot, Katie? You know I'd never deny my seven loyal readers, so here's the same photo zoomed out.

I need to stop twiddling my not-so-green thumbs; those six-month-old pine needles are looking very old and gray. At least I still have my bistro light idea to make me feel all original/warm-and-fuzzy inside.

You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war.

On a completely different note, my friend Jackie closed on her Brightwalk townhome today. Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood!

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