Friday, May 2, 2014

I Guess Y'all Wanna See the Master?

I will not label this as any sort of reveal. Think of it more as a sneak peak. We don't have the bedding picked out yet, we haven't painted the nightstands, we don't have a new dresser. But here ya go.

On the docket:

We're looking for some bedding that is light, but not white (we did solid white in the guest room). So far it's looking pretty similar since we have white sheets and bed skirt. Currently our duvet is duvet-less (hopefully that's why it looks so yellow) and our euros have no sort of sham.

The nightstands will be getting a new coat of paint. While I adore the rustic wood, our headboard's chrome nailheads look a little too glam next to the weathered wood. Since nailheads aren't easy to revamp and nightstands are, the decision to paint was a no-brainer. Plus, in this room, the brighter the better. (I also need new lamp shades as these are close-but-no-cigar to our headboard.)

We'll be getting a new dresser; our current fair is going to the guest room and in here we'll pick something new and fresh and much lighter in color. This piece is months away (the backyard is coming first...).

Eventually we'll be doing all sorts of general decorating, like adding some art and finishing off the sitting area in the space that would be to the right of these pics. Pat's already declared that no "sitting area" will be prioritized over any other projects. Because "anywhere with a chair is a 'sitting area.'"

Also, I'm not even exagerrating to say Atticus forced me make the bed around him. He didn't even flinch as I straightened the comforter and pulled him from the edge of the bed  to the center. He was along for the ride as long as I didn't touch his pink blanket.

Homeboy is serious about that pink blanket.

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