Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That Bathroom Update...

*Jedi hand wave* "This is not the reveal you've been waiting for."

I would love to act like this is a preconceived teaser to get you all hot and bothered over our guest bathroom. Unfortunately, this is more of an apology and an explanation to why a simple update is taking so long. I had no intention of doing a preview since this was supposed to be a quick and easy job. It's still easy, just not so quick.

I told you a week and a half ago that I was tackling our guest bathroom. The good news is everything is coming along nicely. The bad news is there's a minor hiccup: the cabinet hardware. I decided to switch out our dark, ORB knobs with light, brighter glass and nickel pulls. Unfortunately, our drill is currently protesting. It looks like me on a treadmill: barely moving and wishing it were anywhere else.

Before you cry yourself to sleep (I know, my bathroom makeover is the shining beacon of your day) there is a way to stay up-to-date pre-reveal. I've been sharing updates on my Instagram; if you're not following, you need to be. 

I hope you like navy blue as much as I do. Either way, I hope to have this drill sitch fixed by this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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