Saturday, May 24, 2014

Now Go, Get Yo Caulk On

We've been in our casa for a little over eight months and, as to be expected, our house is showing some signs of settling. The nail pops don't bother me, the superficial crack in the bedroom just needs some spackle, and the creaking in the closet floor has almost stopped entirely. The one thing I couldn't stand was the cracks along our stairs. Simple enough fix, just a little caulk, not anything worth sweating. But it did take a day and made a noticeable difference, so it's worth mentioning.

We're not going to do a play by play here, I'm just so excited to not look at the gap along the baseboards anymore. I get that you're probably not. But it was on my list, so you owe me this, loyal reader. In any event, I'll make this snappy.

This is just as exciting as it all sounds.


I know you can barely see it there, but I share ShyLeo pics at every (rare) opportunity.


The whole thing still needs a coat of paint, but since the walls also need to be painted I figure I'll save that for another day.

It truly is all about the little things.

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