Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Week 2014

It's been no secret that I've been a little negligent around here lately, mainly because I've been so stinkin' busy. But that sucks for you as much as it sucks for me since this blog is a major source of stress relief for me. Like a punching bag with an audience.

Luckily, I've got a week off of work and I plan on devoting some major time to blogging. Some long-time readers may remember I committed myself to a DIY Week last year whilst on a staycation. This year I plan to do something similar, but it will be a little more home-improvement oriented than last year's list.

On the itinerary:
Plus there's the bonus activity of maybe getting my hands dirty with a little yard work. And finishing off House of Cards. #FrankUnderwoodismyspiritanimal

To get things started, I'll show you the big update to our back porch which is also our jumping off point for this week.

This is the most exciting exterior development thus far: the addition of two chairs to our patio. We definitely want to have space for at least four people to sit under our covered patio, but since it's a smaller area and we need to walk through it on the reg we decided on two permanent chairs (form + function) and a few stacking chairs that we can store in the garage when we're not using them (function only).

That bright green urn you barely see is a Joss & Main spoil that was originally part of a pair for the front porch. One arrived broken and the remaining one is a terrible acid green color (not the "turquoise" it was described as). Thankfully, Joss & Main refunded the value for both and now I have one free urn that is a paint job away from being awesome.

As is, the chairs look onto our side yard which is perfect for getting my lazy on while playing with the dog (AKA sitting down to Chuck-It) or as a comfy place to watch my hunka-hunka-husband mow the lawn. What I most look forward to is being able to read out here during a thunder storm.

Well I've got quite the to-do list so I'm going to get back to it; I'll be here sharing my progress everyday.

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