Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Now Present: The Guestroom

AKA: "Did it really take you that long to slap up a coat of paint?"

And yes, yes it did.

Ooooh. Aaaaah.

I'm sure you all have noticed that iPhone photography isn't my forte. We just added a whole other layer by having a dark room with lots of light and white bedding...

Even though we've been sleeping on our new king-sized Tempurpedic for a little over three weeks, I've been really slacking on tying up the guest room. At first it looked like Pat's mom would be coming to stay with us, so I did what every good daughter-in-law does and spent a bunch of money and got myself all worked up trying to prep the perfect guest room. Then she ended up not coming and my motivation flew out the window.

I mean 3/4 painted is better than 0/4 painted. That's just math.

Eventually, Pat we got really tired of looking at paint rollers, ladders, and broken promises, not to mention a certain cat loves chewing on plastic drop cloths in the early morning hours, so I hunkered down and got it functional. Assuming you have a loose definition of "functional."

Just a reminder, this is where we're coming from:

At this point, it's just our old bed and nightstands plus new bedding and lamps. Eventually, once we find a new dresser for the master, our old Ikea Hemnes will go in here, after a coat of bright white paint. For now, we still have one very empty wall.

The best part may be that we finally have a place in our house where our resident ginger #shyLeo is comfortable.

I mean, he may not look comfortable but for him that's practically euphoric.

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  1. it's coming together! sometimes staring at a blank slate makes me want to crawl under the covers and cry! LOL