Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Decor Update

I mentioned in the last go-round that our Christmas decorating, wasn't quite complete because our stockings weren't hanging.

One of the very few compromises we made when we chose this house was that we would not have a fireplace. That means no mantel to decorate. After a bit of whining I did convince Pat to let us get a fancy foyer table so that I can do some seasonal decorating; the one caveat is there's still no place to hang stockings!

After coming to grips with the fact that a new entertainment center is a very distant reality, I bought a shelf from Target to match the current TV stand and bookshelf. The original plan was to hang the stockings from this, until I can get a ladder (maybe next year) to do something like this:

 Found on Pinterest, original link lost
 Ooooh. Aaaah.

When I went to place the shelf, I discovered either the shelf would be to high (not okay as it's semi-permanent) or the stockings would hang down behind the TV...drats. So we revamped.

Officially, the stockings are hanging on the wall by thumbtacks (only the finest here at the Woodward Place). The NOEL sign that was previously in the kitchen now lives here, with two adorable but tiny thingamajigs.

It's worth noting we did hang the shelf high enough to accomodate the larger TV that may or may not precede the future entertainment center. It should be high enough to fit 60"+ on our current stand.

Also, I finally got a picture of our tree at night.

And the other thing is I realized I never shared our foyer table decorations, or my version of a Christmas mantel!

The foyer is also home to my Christmas Amaryllis. Honestly, I have no idea why a someday-flower makes me so happy. I'll be sharing pics are it blooms as a sort of countdown to Christmas. Here's the first:

15 Days until Christmas!

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