Monday, December 9, 2013

Half Bath Reveal

I started painting our half bath about a month ago. Then I got sleepy.

I packed up enough to take a nap, maybe go to bed for the night (it's been so long I honestly don't remember). I didn't worry about finishing a section or task, just using the paint that was left in the tray. For whatever reason, I hadn't ever come back to it.

So the bathroom sat undone, with patches of paint, 1/2 trimmed and 1/4 rolled. And I was okay with it. We had company over and they used the "I don't finish what I start" bathroom. I mean I always finish what I start in the bathroom, unless it involves home improvement.

And trust me when I say I pulled every excuse in the book to avoid finishing this project:

"I've already showered today."

"My back/head/feet hurt."

"I have plans in a few hours."

"Oh, new blog posts to read."

"Oooh, House Hunters marathon!"

"I should really finish this bottle of wine while pinning."

Finally, we made plans to have people over a few days in advance and I figured I should probably get it done. Even though all these friends had seen the undone half bath, I knew I couldn't say out loud why it still looks the same [read: I'm lazytiredADHD]. I mean if I can't finish painting a 4'x6' room that is already halfway done with 48 hours notice, I need to get off the couch thin out my social calendar. We're talking less than an hour of work I've put off for a month.

So I got it done. Late at night, after closing at work. I can never go to sleep straight away, so might as well put that late night energy to good use. I even thought, "since I'm home-improving anyway, I might as well hang some shelves."

Here it is:

Can't you see the full month's effort?

It's nothing to grand. The rug is recycled from the bathroom at our A.P.T. because this is the only bathroom it fit in. We added three cheap shelves for some dimension and a place for assorted, homeless knick-knacks. The art is on it's way, but will likely end up in the master bath instead. I do want some design-blog-points for splurging on fancy Anthropologie hand towels (like a boss, we have two to choose from).

Pat even put on his househusband pants and decorated the shelves before our friends came over.

I think it's *adorable* how he found the most random trinkets from around the house (hello, Halloween cat frame) and spaced them evenly, like little soldiers in formation. I don't even want to change it, because I know he did it with love.

That's pretty much it, nothing special, but it is painted. Sure it will change over time, but it's good enough for now. We no longer have to be ashamed.

With that, we're done painting downstairs; all the painting supplies are making like the Jeffersons and moving on up. Even though it's subtle, it's one less box to look at, no drop cloth, no ladder. Suddenly, we're one step closer to being settled and not living on a construction site.


  1. Got to say I loved the towels until I got to the shelf arrangements.

    1. Don't worry, I'll fix it eventually.