Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

[I know I get points for an original blog title!]

So excited that it's officially December, month of my favorite holiday. A holiday so good, it get's a whole season.

It's Christmastime errrybody!

And that means Christmas decorations out the wazoo. Around Christmas, my design taste shifts from modern and simple to ornate, traditional, and fussy. It makes me question if I really like the modern/simple thing or if I just like the way it looks on blogs. Maybe I'm just a grandma at heart.

In my opinion, the more Christmas you can work in, the merrier. Once upon a time, we had an apartment full of Christmas cheer, but it's been diluted as we moved from 700 ft to 2200 ft. We're obviously focused on adding to our collection, but I know, just like ornaments on a tree, it's best to let it build over time. So even if it looks restrained this year, I wish there was 100x more.

So here's a look at our slightly watered down, but undeniably merry 2013 Christmas spread.

 Outside, we decorated with garland and swag on the columns. In future years, I'd love to add lights and wreaths on the window.

Of course our wreath got a merry makeover: it picked up the buffalo check ribbon from last year's wreath.

Of course the inside got a Christmas facelit too, including our dining room's centerpiece. The only thing we changed was adding some Frasir Fir trimmings and a few pinecones. The pinecone candles were already there from Thanksgiving.

And there's more fun in the kitchen:

I know the first thing you all noticed is the copper utensils have arrived and are ah-mazing.

The cookie jar is on loan from my mother; it's been a holiday staple for my entire childhood. This year, we're hosting Christmas and couldn't do it without the Santa's Bag jar, so here it is! We also included a mini picture of last year's Christmas card.

And that NOEL? It's the perfect touch of industrial decor to keep our decorations from crossing the line in to Chintzy-town. I do want to chintz it up a little; I'm thinking some sort of riser and tree trimmings for next year.

The kitchen leads to the most exciting area of all: the living room and CHRISTMAS TREE! I love the feeling of the Christmas Tree being the only light in the room. One of the best discoveries is that the socket the tree plugs into is controlled by the mysterious third switch in our living room. That means turning on the tree is as easy as the ceiling fan or overhead lights. That's better than any timer on the market.

On the coffee table, there's a little collection. Love.

But it doesn't stay out all the time, because Boone has a taste for pinecones. It's like his very own sweet tooth.

Because I know how much you all love Grouchicus and friends, I thought I'd share a quick update on how the furry ones are handling all the changes.

Atticus loves the Christmas Tree, but is disappointed he has not been allowed to destroy it. Leo hasn't even been downstairs to see any of this. And Boone's been an angel, aside from hunting cinnamon scented pinecones.

So Happy Christmas Season from the Woodward Place.

Note: our stockings aren't up yet, pending an addition to our living room. It's gonna change everything.


  1. Silly Leo, how often does he even come downstairs? Your house looks lovely, though - and I love that Noel sign, where did you get it? Also, give Atty-cat a pat on the head for me :)

    1. Leo comes down stairs a couple times a week, but rarely makes it past the hallway. Once I caught him looking out the front window and I about died. And the Noel was about $12 at Target.

  2. Love everything, my dearie--the front of the house, the cookie jar, the timer are faves. (ahhh, you earned permanent possession of the jar.)