Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I've always wondered when you name New Years Eve if you name if for the year that's ending, because technically the Eve is in the old year. Or do you name it for the new year because it's the eve of the next? Is this New Year's Eve 2013 or New Year's Eve 2014. Yes, I know our jumbo glasses and hats and kazoos will all say 2014, but it's still, if only for hours, 2013.

Either way, it's almost gone. 2013. It's been a crazy year.

365 days ago,  as we were bidding 2012 ado, I wasn't a homeowner. I worked for a different company. I wasn't a blogger. As was probably sitting in a one bedroom apartment, frustrated about something space related, daydreaming about life in the future.

Here's where we started the year:


Then in February, we made a leap of faith and contracted a house in an undeveloped part of town.

By October we were in and had mostly forgotten about all the hiccups along the way. Then we got to making it our own:

And before we knew it, it was Christmastime!


Along the way, we DIY'd a little.


Now that we're in our house and making progress on our to-do list, I resolve to be more in the moment for 2014. I used to spend so much time daydreaming about where we could be or stuff we could buy. Now, when I identify something I want to improve, I actually want to do it versus just dreaming about it.

My wish for all of you is that 2014 makes 2013 look like a chump. Happy New Years!

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