Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY Milk Glass


 For quite a while I've loved the look of milk glass. Growing up, my paternal grandmother had a milk glass cookie jar with the most delicious, week-old cookies. Whether out of pure nostalgia or a simple love for vintage things, I always knew I needed my own.

Simultaneously, I had a cabinet that was the bane of my existence because the back of it was littered with cheapo vases left over from bouquets gifted by my very thoughtful husband. Strange how something that was once beautiful and sentimental can quickly become irritating clutter.

Then I came across this idea:

I can't take any credit for this idea: I pinned it about a year ago from Home Made Modern (who gives credit to about five other bloggers). Since it seems to be making the rounds on all the hot blogs as well as Pinterest I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, I haven't seen it as a Pinterest Fail so I thought it must be relatively easy. So easy, in retrospect I feel silly for reading a how-to. It was definitely a "duh" moment.

I started with a small collection that I thought would work well together, but the Inspiration picture shows that items that don't quite work together only add charm to this project.

I picked my favorite white spray paint, Rust-oleum's Universal Gloss White. It's a great creamy white; not stark white, but not an off-white either (it's the best of both worlds). The paint is high quality and covers well, but about 90% of why I love this spray paint is that it has a trigger vs. a push down top, so my fingers don't cramp. It's not designed for glass, but it worked well enough for me.

Here we are one coat in.

It took me about 4 very light coats to get the coverage I wanted. I also lightly coated the inside where visible just for consistency. This isn't really rocket science.

A little bit of dry time and we were ready for display.

Sidebar: does anyone else love my new hour glass I splurged on at Home Goods last week? It has an antiquey brass finish that normally wouldn't be my cup o' tea, but I'm really loving it. My inner nerd keeps calling it "my time turner." Pat says it "Boone's time out timer."

In conclusion: I totally would not be opposed to more random bouquets from the hubby so I can grow my "milk glass" collection.

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