Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Future Foyer Art, Part II

It's crazy exciting to think that the photography portion of our construction gallery could be 2/3 complete! Like crazy crazy.

I wished this meant we were 2/3 done with building the house and 66.6% of the way to moving in. Alas, it does not because we think it may be September before we're officially in the Woodward Place. That means, we're roughly only 57% there.

Back to happy things:

Remember, this is the layout I'm going for:

Since there's now a house on our foundation, it was time to pick the foundation picture for the foyer. After much consideration, I've picked this picture that was taken just after the lot was graded.

I wish it was sunnier or had pretty clouds, but no dice. I guess it's fitting because this house is officially sponsored by rainy days.

I really want picture two to be taken before the siding is on the house, otherwise it might look too much like picture three (move-in day!).

Problem is I have two pictures I love:

Oh, Boo-Baby knows how to make any picture. Siriusly, this dog could model. Yep, I went there. As much as I love this picture and Boone, I'm not crazy about the angle, so I'd need to recreate this shot straight on if this is the direction I choose to go in (with a pro like Boone, it wouldn't be a problem).

The second option has both of my favorite boys and needs no re-shoot:

So tell me, which picture do you think should hang in our foyer for years to come, Option A or Option B?

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  1. option b for sure, you got your boys in it and its a clear shot dead on!