Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Celebrity Home Tours?!

Can we all just take a minute and recognize that HGTV's Frontdoor has galleries of celebrity homes?!

It's like my prayers have been answered because aside from loving all things architecture and home design, I'm a huuuuge celebophile (real word according to Urban Dictionary). Why have they never advertised this? I've been hearing about Frontdoor for years and never thought it was worthy of a closer look. Ooops.

So while many blogs offer home tours (and I will once I can), I now offer you: Celebrity Homes.

Here's a pic of Reese Witherspoon's historic home in Ojai, CA. Yes, the home she got married at the second time around. 

Of all the reasons to be jealous of Reese Witherspoon (excluding that police recording you know you listened to), now we can add gorgeous living room with reclaimed wood beams. But they're not really reclaimed; they're original to the 1925 house.

That's Lauren Conrad's patio (I'm told it's from The Hills).

Not only is it b-e-a-utiful, it is LC personified. All of it screams her easy, breezy SoCal style without any LA crass. What? She may be a guilty pleasure. Of all the homes I looked at, hers probably matched my personal style the best.

Hilary Duff must be after my neutral-loving heart.

Would you look at that fireplace? And I can't get over that lamp! Switch out the coffee table/chair by the fireplace and I'd move right into this living room.

I've been talking a lot about backyard inspiration and Jessica Simpson hit the nail on the head.

So simple, clean, and private. It feels comfortable and undone. I'm perplexed how my neutral feelings towards Ms. Simpson and my generally negative feelings towards shabby chic decor equaled a house that I find very appealing. Jessica's full house tour is on Zillow, just follow the links.

Just for my hubby, this is Dexter's Michael C. Hall's foyer.

I love that Dexter didn't get a mega mansion with a grotto. He got a down to earth mid-century that I can really envision him coming home to. A little too modern for my liking, but it fits him so well.

Now, let's go ahead and address the Holy Grail: Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now that we've all swooned, fainted, and collected ourselves appropriately, here's his $23 million beachfront Malibu compound.

I'd certainly pay $23 million for that, assuming the current owner can be negotiated into the purchase price. I even kind of love how all Leo's pictures are all grainy like they were taken with a long-focus lens. It's in keeping with his super private personality.

Surprisingly, I was a little disappointed by some of my favorite stars. Jen Aniston was all Zen/Buddhist and very modern; it almost felt cold. Britney Spears was all "new money" (no surprise there) but I was really hoping her "new money" would feel Louisiana Chic versus Real Housewives of Wherever. The biggest let down of all was there were no Backstreet Boys (and only Joey from N'Sync, who went for the grotto among other questionable choices).

Now that I've effectively wasted tonight and all of tomorrow, I hope that you can find some inspiration or just some superficial fun through my latest discovery.

P.S. I didn't mean to feature all teeny boppers, but these things happen. What can I say other than I peaked in 1999. HGTV's assortment is much more diversified.

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