Sunday, June 23, 2013

House Update: It's electric!

Not much news out of house land, except we now have electricity. By the looks of it, Boone could smell the current, although he's likely just very curious.

 I also tried to recreate the Boone/construction shot, but I couldn't seem to get the angle right. I may need to go back with an extra set of hands. This is as close as I got. Not only is the angle still not right, but Boo looks ridiculous.

One possibility could be this "Boone of the House" shot, but I think he may fade in too much.

Close up!

Now that the neighbors houses are all framed in, I feel bad about complaining about the slope in our backyard. 

 As you can see, our neighbors barely have any backyard and its all slope. The flat leveled out part is where the future garages will be.

To make matters worse, they have  barely any space on the sides of their houses while we will have quite a nice side yard. All things considered I'm feeling like we got a great lot.

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