Saturday, June 1, 2013

House Update: Shaping Up

Our house officially looks like a house now! Sure, a house with a strange roof and funny siding choices, but a house no less. Still no stairs to the second floor; guess you'll just have to wait until next week for that sneak peak.

This was Boone's first trip since it was anything more than foundation.

Boone must know something is up because every time we bring him here he gets very excited and inquisitive. Here's Booney checking out our family room/his future home base.

Taking in the view of his future back yard.

Here's the view from our dining room; I love that we're right across the street from a park.

And some more outside shots.

Sorry all the pictures are at a bit of an angle. My camera is quite old and now takes pics slightly crooked; I do my best to adapt, but sometimes it's more obvious than others. If anyone has suggestions for a good replacement camera, let me know.

And if anyone is curious about what our neighbor's house looks like:

Yeah, we win.

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