Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Dog Bandana

There's several things on my Pinterest that have left me thinking "I could probably DIY that." Typically, I'd pin it and forget it, never justifying the expense of buying it or taking the little bit of time to make it. This week, I decided to remedy that.

At least my next two DIYs are going to be ridiculously easy/obvious mainly because they are the low-hanging fruit of my to-do list. Sometimes, doing a few little projects can make you feel as accomplished as doing a larger one. How easy/obvious you ask?

DIY Dog Bandana.

I love Boone in bandanas; he's just so stinking cute. For me, bandanas are the dog equivalent of a graphic tee, which I generally dislike on humans. It's not quite as kitschy as dogs in clothes and not as annoying as people in witty t-shirts. I think the key difference is the dog does not expect you to perceive him as clever and the person invariably does. I've found a couple websites that sell bandanas with cute sayings, but they also cost like $10-$20...for a bandana... nope, no way.

So, I bought a solid black bandana (not my favorite color choice, but Michael's was a little picked over) and a couple of fabric markers and viola!

Notice there is already a substanial amount of fur on it.

This one is intended for Boone to wear to the dog park. He's that dog, the one who is covered in mud about 3 minutes after we arrive. People always tell me how dirty he is and I'm all, "thanks, I hadn't noticed." I imagine this is how hugely pregnant women feel when they go anywhere.

This is so simple, I won't bore you with DIY instructions. A few quick hints: I left the fold lines in it to make sure I got it relatively centered. It is centered, but I wish I'd place it lower so it would be more visible, especially because he has long fur. Something I'll do on all future bandanas. I also picked a dark color since this one is for the dog park and I don't want to see crazy stains everytime we go.

My summer resolution is to not take Boone anywhere in public without a bandana. In addition to all the holiday/life event options, here's a few other sayings I thought of for Boone's future bandana collection:
  • Blondes do it better
  • You may pet me while I wait for my human
  • I call it an "ascot"
 Here's Boone wearing the newest addition to his closet.

And here he is having the more fun than all those clean pups with "self control."

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