Friday, June 7, 2013

House Update: Upstairs Sneak Peek

On a routine drive-by, I noticed there was something where there was previously nothing: stairs!

Even though I'm supposed to alert someone anytime I'm on site during construction hours, a sudden thunder storm let our house a ghost town so I had the opportunity to sneak in. Mind you, our house may have a roof, but it's not "dried in" so I got very wet.

Here is the very soggy sneak peak of our second floor.

As you come up the stairs, you enter our loft. Three large windows let in lots of natural light. This pic is a bit deceiving about our proximity to our neighbors; yes, they are there but no, they are not that close. Here's the view out our windows to the park across the street. There's more space than you would expect between our two houses.

The loft is in the middle of the house. Towards the front, we have two spare bedroom and a bathroom. That's the hall bath in the left foreground with the smallest bedroom behind it. On the right are the stairs (which will have an open Craftsman style railing) and the bigger bedroom behind that. On the very right edge you can see the door leading into my laundry room. *Swoon*

This bedroom is the larger of the two with a good size closet. This will be a guest room until we need a nursery for the foreseeable future.

This is the smaller bedroom. One of the few negatives about our house is that this bedroom has a very small closet with a single door opening. The attic access is also in this bedroom so the floor needs to stay relatively open. This room is a great space for an office in the immediate future, but I can't figure out how to use it down the road.

And behind the loft is the master bedroom!

When the house is finished, our garage will be directly behind the master, blocking our view of the townhomes and blocking their view in. In between the house and the garage will be our adorable backyard, so I'm hoping that it will feel like peering into a secret garden.

Our master bath and closet are off to the left of the windows. This is a view through the wall opposite where our bed will be.

There are large windows around the garden tub and a separate shower with a seat (that funny little half wall you see). Our vanity will be on the far right, next to the tub. The door on the left goes to our closet. There's another door in front of the closet door that leads to the enclosed toilet.

The little room on the left is the "throne room." The larger area on the right is our closet. Behind the closet is the laundry room.

And here's the view I'll have as I drink wine while taking bubble baths:

Yes, those roads are romantic and I will be overlooking the neighbors backyard...blinds please...

And here's the view of our three houses from behind We're the house on the far right.

Like I said, we have a lot of room between us and the house beside us (at the front it's about 20 feet). Despite our urban setting and small lot sizes, Standard Pacific has done a great job making the houses feel like they're not right on top of one another. When Pat and I were looking at different neighborhoods, we found some very beautiful homes that were nearly twice the square footage, but the houses were literally 5 feet apart. Thanks, StanPac, for deciding to give your home owners a little breathing room versus selling an extra one or two houses.

There you have it: the official sneak peak into our second floor. The house updates will slow down a little bit now as we go into approximately a month of plumbing, electrical, and inspections. Lots of stuff to interest me, but not a lot to take pics of.

Of course I'll keep you updated and pass on any tidbits I may learn. In the mean time, get ready for pretty, aspirational pictures and more DIY projects. And if you haven't already make sure you subscribe via email or add the Woodward Place to your Google Reader to stay up-to-date.

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