Sunday, June 16, 2013

House Update: Windows and Tubs

Windows and tubs, windows and tubs, windows and tubs (throw a beat behind that and we have a nonsensical rap song). These are the newest additions to our hizzity house.

We also got gas lines, air ducts, and some other plumbing stuff but that didn't fit my rhyme. Here's pictures of what's happening now:

Gas lines and water lines leading to the stove and fridge.

Back porch with windows. Can anyone explain why some of the windows are open and others are shut? Other than it's June in Charlotte...

Here's the living room with all it's windows. Not to shabby when it comes to natural light, but I'm not looking forward to window treatments in this room. Can you imagine, "one curtain down, seven to go."

Looking into our guest bath upstairs. The tub is in, plus the pipes for the toilet and sink. Apparently, when you install a tub, you need to put water into it for several days.

Boone wanted to drink that water. I decided it was best for him not to.

This dandy little shot is looking from our guest room, through the closet, over the stairs, through the laundry room and master closet into the master bath.

This shot is looking from the nook in the master bedroom, through the loft and guest bath into the office.

Master bedroom with it's windows. It was actually very bright and just messed with the ISO on my camera. One day I will learn how to use the settings on manual.

The master bath had the most cool new stuff: windows, tub, shower floor (to the left of the bench), and plumbing for sinks and toilet.

Finally, a somewhat decent shot of the laundry room. The washer/dryer will go on the wall to the left and that's a linen closet on the right. Behind that is our master closet.

Some gratuitous shots of Boone looking out a window.

And the new view of our street. The house to our right is finished with framing and they've started on the two houses to our left (not pictured...yet). All five houses are coming along quite nicely.

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