Friday, May 24, 2013

House Update: If we had walls, we'd have a roof

The roof trusses have been delivered! Now that the house two down from us is fully framed, it looks as though they're going to start on our house soon. When I drove by yesterday, the roof trusses were laying on the ground, just waiting for the wall to come support them.

And just for fun, a super silly picture of Boone:

That boy loves cameras.

Update to the Update:
About two hours after posting this I got an email from our builder saying all the pieces have arrived and they will start framing our house at the beginning of next week.  Yay!


  1. When you reached the roof part of the house construction, you can finally say that it is taking shape. What kind of roof and materials did you opt for, Katie? Although from what I am seeing in your neighbors, I think your community requires only a particular kind. Did I get that right?

    1. It's an 25 year architectural shingle. And yes, it's picked by the builder. Everyone has the same type except for slight color variations.