Wednesday, May 29, 2013

House Update: We Have Walls!

Soooo, this happened:

That's our house!

Pat and I had our "Meet the Builder" meeting today. When we first arrived, Josh (the realtor) mentioned how exciting it is when "things start going vertical." We hadn't seen the property today, but there was nothing to get excited about yesterday so I assumed he was speaking prophetically. The meeting was mainly going over boring paperwork, which there seems a lot of when you're building a house. Then Scott (the builder) mentioned that they had begun framing and asked if we wanted to walk down there. Why was that even a question? Here's more pics:

I'll definitely be driving by everyday until the framing is complete (allegedly there could be a crane putting the roof on as early as Friday!). Look for a lot of House Updates over the next week or so as the framing is one of the times with the most visible differences from day to day.

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