Friday, May 10, 2013

Not fair...

When my siblings and I were little, our mother used to prohibit the use of the f-word: fair (sure, she probably would prohibit the use of the other f-word, but that was never the issue).

Well I'm about to swear, because this is not fair. I said it.

After weeks of waiting on our foundation, our neighbors went from nothing to foundation in days. I should be happy, because this is just less time that we'll have to live with construction, but truth be told, I'm just feeling petty.

Here's our little corner of the neighborhood, four foundations in a row. Despite my childish temper, today was super fun, because it was one of my first trips where it wasn't super muddy. I took the puppy and he was so stinkin' excited. I don't know what did it for him, but he thought this was his own personal playground. He was running around all four sites, including the two freshly poured ones. Future neighbors, I'm sorry if one day you find a paw print on your home.

Here's Boone standing in our future kitchen/breakfast area. I was standing on our back porch.


  1. I read this at 11:58 last night, so I think you're covered. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they run into approval problems so your team can get caught up.

    I think it's understandable, being jealous. But you guys are making progress. That's what really matters.

  2. Love the Boone pic. And you're on silent car.