Thursday, May 2, 2013

House Update: Neighbors!

When I drove by today, our little lot was just waiting, empty. It looked much the same as it did last weekend. Sadly, there's still no foundation. It's been very rainy this week and, if I had to guess, it's probably too wet to do any work where a major component is being able to stay dry. Makes sense.

The exciting news is we now have neighbors on both sides of our lot (it's never too wet to dig in the dirt). One of the best things about our home's site is that once our house is done, the only two construction sites left on our block are the one's on either side of us, scheduled to be completed 2-3 weeks after our house. That means that while our neighborhood is only around 25% complete, we won't have to hear construction everyday for the next two years. Just two weeks while they finish the neighbors' homes and we will be done!

There are now four, soon-to-be five, active construction sites on our road, which made taking pictures at 1pm on a Thursday very difficult.

Also, our neighborhood just took a huge price increase. Great news for us, not so great for anyone who wants to be like us.

Here's a thought: Pat and I almost backed out when the prices inflated right before we signed our contract. Don't. The home values are going to skyrocket in this area, so it'll be a good investment even if it cost a few more dollars upfront. If anyone is considering Brightwalk as a future home, I'd say do it now to get the biggest return on your investment.

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