Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Look Inside Our DC Hotel Room

For our brief stay in DC we picked the swanky Loew's Madison Hotel. And you need to see the decor to believe it:

Excuse the dog; he doesn't understand why a camera would be out and not taking his picture. 

This room had virtually everything I look for in interior design and even managed to pull off some design cliches I'm more than a bit skeptical of. Much to my delight, it had that seasonal-less (yet warm) grey, cream, and pops of red color scheme. I love love red, but recently it's been getting passed over for blues and greys - not that I don't love cool colors, they just don't have that warm cozy feeling I need near Christmas or a rainy summer day. Though you can barely see it, the pillows had Ms on it, inspiring me to embroider Rs on our pillows.  

 There was even a focal wall with 'Merica themed toile wallpaper. 

The bathroom was so fantastic, I wish I'd seen it before we chose the finishes in the new house. Not that we could afford it, but I'd like to have known. It's stunning, with off-white subway tile and a beautiful granite vanity that was unlike any granite I'd every seen. Wish I'd taken a better picture now. 

If you look closely, you can even see the innovative shower drain which was merely a slit in between tiles.

And here's Pat and Boone waiting in the lobby. Now, I know the boys are cute, but the lobby is gorgeous. The chair Pat is sitting in is a slate grey velvet. The whole lobby is a blend of leather and velvet with ikat accent pillows. And the molding is to die for.

To avoid going all crazy tourist, I tried to limit the pictures I took outside our room, so the rest are from the hotel's website. 

Can we all just agree that this hotel has the perfect amount of swag with none (okay maybe just a little, the perfect amount) of pretension? I think so.

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  1. I love the color scheme of that hotel - amazingly beautiful:)