Thursday, July 25, 2013

House Update: Siding is Going Up!

Surprise, surprise! On a routine visit to the house, I discovered that our siding is going up!

This caught me a completely off guard because it's about a week before I was expecting it and the house that is a bit ahead of us had no sign of siding on my last visit. Now both us and that house have one side...sided?

On the inside, our drywall is being finished up. I really don't know what to call this step, but I think it's similar to spackle-ing.

This is all obviously very exciting; I'll be stopping by the house quite frequently until a lock goes on our door so look out for a lot more house updates.


  1. My dad who could do any phase of construction always hired this out to a mud-and-tape man. He said this was the most important part to get exactly right. I'm sure you're a good inspector.

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  3. Spackling is the correct term. It means you repair holes with a spackle glue only up to the size of a hand or so, but anything larger than the size of a fist would need other kinds of support. As for the siding, it's great news that it's being done in advance. This saves you extra time to double check other parts of your house. And if you find anything that needs to be repaired, you'll have time to fix it -- time efficient, isn't it?

    Joe Martis