Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Cambridge Cupcakes!

Call me crazy, but I am absolutely fascinated by anything Will, Kate, and Baby Cambridge. Today, as we welcomed our little future king, I was dared at work to throw a "Baby Shower" for the Cambridges.

Not so much a shower as an excuse to have sweet treats plus Baby/England paraphernalia.

I rose to the challenge.

These little cuties just a store-bought Funfetti mix and icing, with blue food coloring spray,  and gold sprinkles. The little plastic babies are from the baby shower aisle at Michael's and the Union Jacks are hand crafted from tooth picks and washi tape.

I even decorated my cupcake carrier for the occasion.

Thanks to Pandora for deciding I needed to listen to Disney songs and Celine Dion tonight. Seriously, "A New Day Has Come" played twice. Coincidence? I think not.

Is anyone else harboring an unhealthy obsession for William, Kate, and their brand new baby?

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