Monday, July 8, 2013

Washington DC Mini Vacay!

I've had lots of questions about the spontaneous mini vacay Pat and I took to Washington DC and Virginia Beach to celebrate the Fourth of July, so I figured I'd take a moment to share.

Our trip was very spur of the moment, the type of thing we never do. Pat and I started planning our trip on Tuesday and departed on Wednesday, which was super gratifying. We popped into Chesapeake, VA to visit Pat's bro and sister-in-law to spend the night before heading onto Washington on Thursday morning.

Before heading to the National Mall to stake out a good seat for the fireworks, we did a little bit of sight seeing with one very hot dog.


Renovation, DC style.

Then we went and camped out for a few hours to wait for the greatest fireworks display in the nation. We got there early enough to get seats with a view of the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Monument.

Then, it started getting dark and crowded...

Then this happened:

(the Fourth of July makes me cheesy)

That's the grand finale of this year's show. Thanks, US government. 

In the morning, we headed back down to spend another couple nights with my Pat's bro and SIL. We went to downtown Norfolk to see the air craft carriers.

Here's Pat and his brother, Paul.

Then a little beach time and back home. Very low key and very fun.

Sidebar: on the fourth, I decided to wear a new pair of Rainbows that I believed to be broken in. I was mistaken.

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