Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Well hello there. It's good to see you.

Today I've decided to depart from my normal house-blogging duties and join several talented bloggers for Five on Friday. I've been reading these for several weeks, but could never think of five non-house things I'm really excited about. Today, three immediately came to mind so I figured this is my week.

1. Baby Cambridge

Well duh, I'm obsessed. I thought it might get a bit better now that the baby is here, but it hasn't; if anything I'm more excited. One thing I'm not too excited about: his name, George. Sure, "King George" sounds great, but what will this kid be called for the next 60 years? At least it's better than North.

2. Pure Barre

Those of you who are close to me already know I'm loving me some Pure Barre; now I'm going to bore the rest of you with my workout. I've wanted to do barre classes for quite a while and my husband generously purchased me a Living Social deal back in June. I'm now six weeks in and definitely seeing a change in my body. I just purchased a six month deal so I'm in it for the long haul.

 3. These pet tags on Etsy

I'm trying to check some things of the moving to-do list and getting the pets new tags and collars is on the list. I've mentioned before that I'm especially nervous about the cats getting loose at the new house, so they'll go to wearing collars 24/7. Sucks to be them.

Since they'll be uncomfortable anyway, I decided they should at least look good. They'll be getting leather/suede collars from the same shop as Boone's. But what I'm really excited about are their new tags. And because they're so fun and no more expensive than the ones at PetSmart, Boo gets one too.

4. My new shoe rack

Okay, okay, it's only half new. We got the bottom three shelves for Christmas last year. It helped with the front door clutter so much, we decided to add even more shoes to our rotation, necessitating a second shoe rack. The reason I love it so is they stack neatly and provide storage for 18 pairs of shoes. It's super sturdy and has an oil rubbed bronze finish so it will match all the fixtures at our new place.

5. This bag from Madewell

I'm in the middle of an epic search for a new purse. I 'm really hoping to find something season-less so I can carry it year round. I also want something that in somewhat trendy, but still classic and maybe even a little vintage. I found a couple options I really the range of $400+. Not quite ready to bite that bullet, I eventually found this satchel made from vintage looking leather. It's not to big, not to small, has the necessary cross body strap and it can even be monogrammed. I think this may be the one!

That wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it'd be; maybe I can start being grateful for more things. Thanks for listening to me ramble at the things I'm enjoying in the here and now.

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